Activities in Älvdalen

Elk safari

Älgsafari i Dalarna på Älvdalens CampingElk safari

Acquaint yourself with our largest wild animal, the King of the Forest, the moose, the elk (Alces alces). If you are lucky you may also encounter roe deer, great wood-grouse and other small game. Our knowledgeable wilderness guides take you on an unforgettable nature experience.


Tur med häst & vagn, släde på Älvdalens Camping i DalarnaTours by horse-drawn carts or sleighs

Explore shieling life! The tours are available from mid-June until August. During the winter the sleigh rides last from a couple of hours to two days with overnight stay in lumberman huts.


Paddla kanot, kanotpaddling på Dalälven, Älvdalens campingPaddling the River Österdalälven

Go for a paddle on the gently streaming River Österdalälven; we organise transport to the starting point for both you and the canoes, or start here and we pick you up at your destination.


flugfiske i dalarna, kurs i flugfiske på älvdalens campingFly-fishing course for beginners

The courses are available from May until mid-October.
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Cykel, cykling, mountainbike i Dalarna på Älvdalens CampingBicycling in Älvdalen

In the surroundings of Älvdalen is a wide and varied scope of biking roads and paths. The terrain is at times hilly so we recommend that you use a bicycle with multiple gears. As a mountain biking resort Älvdalen is still relatively unexploited but here are many options suitable for the beginners as well as those in search of more technically advanced cross-country terrain.

There are bicycles for hire and you can book in advance through Turistbyrån. Visitors with limited knowledge of the area should consider booking a guide who will take you to the terrain you want to avoid spending the day just searching. Guides can also be booked through Turistbyrån

In August MTB weekend events are organised and the summer programme also includes biking events for girls, and for families. Everyone is just as welcome, including novices. There are also packages available comprising accommodation, meals and bike rental.

NB. Our mud wraps are one hundred percent natural.